Faexis are winged, flying creatures that enjoy playing magical mind tricks on their victims. They are scheming and mischievous, often leaving traps or changing their victims’ surrounding environments to confuse them prior to attacking. The distinct, eerie giggles of Faexis echo delightfully as their disoriented prey search for the source of them. Once they trap their victims with their magical abilities, they paralyze them, rendering them immobile. Faexis then steal the souls of their prey, granting themselves stronger magic and slight increase in size. The Faexis’ magical origins are unknown, but it is said that they are conjured by warlocks who are unable to control their devious natures—resulting in Faexis’ release into Farion.

Young Faexis can possess a single magical attribute such as fire, water, ice, shock lightning, or physical elements. Their magic abilities can be thrown as a projectile, or besiege an area of focus. They appear as small flying orbs of light that corresponds to their attribute. By their nature, fire wielding Faexis will glow brilliant red, while Faexis possessing water magic will glisten radiant blue. Inside the orb, their petite bodies are small enough to fit in the palm of a hand. They have round faces; small, pointy ears; gnarled teeth; and a thin layer of short fur that covers their skin. Nearly impossible to trap, their fluttering wings are tough, boney, and do not grow. The toxic blood of Faexis is the same color as and possesses the attributes of the creature’s specific magical attribute and can cause damage if the blood becomes exposed.

Elder Faexis are two to three times larger than young Faexis and can possess more than one magical attribute. Their furry bodies are completely black and radiate a purple glow. Faexis grow little by little as they consume the souls of their victims. When they reach the elder age, their wings can no longer support their weight for extended periods of time, forcing them to expand their strategies for ground attacks. Most elder Faexis carry crystal staffs to focus their magical abilities. Usually, one elder Faexi uses its experience to rally together smaller Faexis to launch organized attacks, guiding them and acting as their leader.


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