freadows copy

The volatile land of Phortaigon is home to the most dangerous creatures of Farion. Among them, the perilous Freadows are unpredictable, and their figures are constantly morphing. Their bodies are made of radiant, molten rock, and they have four eyes embedded in their solid foreheads. They reside in pits of fire and scorching lava streams. As their bodies emerge from the boiling depths, they are able to weightlessly hover above the ground, leaving behind a trail of splattered lava.

A thick, gaseous, crimson cloud blankets the desolate land with plumes of gas that continuously rises from bubbly, slurping pits of burning rock, making it difficult to see the Freadows floating around the jagged rock formations. They hunt small creatures that scavenge the region and have even been known to devour young dragons. Hovering from lava pit to lava pit, they hurl molten rock at their victims and cause them to panic from severe burns. The Freadows then approach their writhing meals and consume them whole. They can widen their mouths without restriction, torching their prey as they engulf them. Each devoured victim feeds the Freadows’ internal flames, causing them to grow.

Should the Freadows spend too long away from the molten rock pits and rivers, they begin to harden and lose their ability to hover weightlessly through the air. These creatures cannot naturally move with ease through the rocky terrain of their environment and, if hardened, will be rendered motionless until heated again by the fiery liquid that flows freely through Phortaigon.

Many warriors have faced Freadows in search of the elusive mystical dragons, only to become lost in the glowing scarlet fog. The floating Freadows descend through the clouds, on their unsuspecting prey. If the fiery monsters are dismembered, the fallen appendages will form new Freadows, while the original regenerates rapidly. Together, the Freadows will launch coordinated attacks to take down those who threaten them. Although Freadows are not an intelligent species, they are community-oriented beings with very strong survival instincts.


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